Tentacle Entertainments 4

Double gatefold CD

Collaborations took place at the label’s studio, the home of Hot Head Show’s lead singer and guitarist. The artwork concept process was extensively documented and discussed. Selections were made by fatigue, and progress by pressure, for a bright and lasting impression.

The final graphical work attests to the music’s thorough development processes. You can buy through Hot Head Show’s website on CD or vinyl.

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Geolocated music player

Discover the music around you. Jamernot allows you to judge and connect to the artists and music that are around you wherever you go. Login, listen to music, swipe to judge and collect your favorite songs and connect with local artists. They may live near you, be playing a show, or take the same vacations.

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Video community layouts

A place to share your ideas, questions and opinions via 30 second videos. Once shared, people from around the world can then respond with their own 30 second videos, therefore starting a discussion.

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Ephemeral messaging experience

This collaboration on Secret Ink was an initiative by Toby Padilla on product, and Max Howell on development. An emphemeral messaging service for emails with a neat presentation inspired by mission impossible. I designed the branding and assets.

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Manouche Jazz Quintet

Musician branded materials

This was a collaboration with singer guitarist Jean De Talhouet.

The Kamao Quintet take their inspiration from the legacy of the great Django Reinhardt and traditional Manouche and Romani music. Fronted by singer and guitarist Jean de Talhouet, the band includes clarinet (Dave Shulman), violin (Sharon Subbarao), gypsy guitars (Dave Kelbie), and double bass (Ruth Goller), creating a beautiful sound that complements the vocals with haunting and lyrical harmonies.

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Tentacle Entertainments 2

Double gatefold CD

Collaborations took place between front man Jonah Brody, directing focus, bassist Jordan Copeland illustrating context and Drummer Max Hallet conceptualising visuals. There was some input from guitarist Jean de Talhouet. I drove the execution.

Most graphical work took place in a few two or three hour sessions. Progresssion was rapid thanks to excellent, creative photographic assets and purposeful dynamics within the effort.

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