Quantone MusicGeek

Intelligent playlist recommendations

Quantone CEO Evan Stein hoards music meta-data. Our collaboration centered around two discussions held at and near the client’s headquarters. I documented initial proposals for a user experience prototype. Front-end Developer Conor Cussell designed and developed the user interface.

MusicGeek is built with IBM’s Watson technology, making it the first music platform to use cognitive computing. It’s the equivalent of going to the record store and asking the skinny guy in the black T-shirt … to introduce you to your next favourite track whenever you’re in the mood.

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Social media digest

Topical lets you easily follow any topic on Twitter. You simply add your topics of interest, and Topical will search Twitter for the most popular stories and deliver them to you – in real-time via our web app and once a day via our email digest.

With Topical anyone using Twitter (and even those who can’t find their way through the chaos) can stay on top of the things they need to follow. No more following lots of people, baby pictures, unrelated posts or noisy feeds.

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Geolocated music player

Discover the music around you. Jamernot allows you to judge and connect to the artists and music that are around you wherever you go. Login, listen to music, swipe to judge and collect your favorite songs and connect with local artists. They may live near you, be playing a show, or take the same vacations.

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Video community layouts

A place to share your ideas, questions and opinions via 30 second videos. Once shared, people from around the world can then respond with their own 30 second videos, therefore starting a discussion.

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Twitter TweetDeck

Microblogging software application

On May 25, 2011, TweetDeck was bought by Twitter for £25 million, after a bidding war with Bill Gross’s UberMedia.

I was lead UI designer responsible for helping the start-up make a journey from an engineering-led, indie software development team to the official product in a competitive social dashboard market.

The web client’s success was the final stage in our aquisiton strategy following an iPad app, iPhone app and award-nominated Android app, and I resigned after.

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TweetDeck Android

Microblogging mobile application

One of the most popular Android Twitter clients was released to the Android Market for free, after 2 months beta test period with 40,000 users, and it was basically a big ball of Twitter awesomeness.

Collaboration focused between product lead Toby Padilla, lead developer Max Howell, developer Łukasz Wiśniowski and myself on UI design. We innovated in a stagnant market and produced a cutting-edge application to rapid uptake reaching 1,000,000 daily updates within a month or two.

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