Super Best Friends Club

Responsive video experience

An intense way for Super Best Friends Club to engage its fans and visitors in mailing list campaigns, live dates and entrancing fusion music. It’s easy for them to manage using the bespoke Perch CMS implementation.

The experience is designed and tested to work on various Android handsets with diverse hardware specifications and uses code practices that are robust and dependable requiring minimal maintenance and external dependencies.

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Sun Calendar

Interactive graphic demonstration

A plot of sun angle for everyday in the year with sun altitude tracked in real-time by an animated yellow circle. Solstices, equinoxes and user events are added as labels to specific points on the curve.

The graphic starts with a very compressed overview that can be magnified to stretch out hours across the screen in broad arcs. Accurate seasons times are coloured in the background.

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TweetDeck Android

Microblogging mobile application

One of the most popular Android Twitter clients was released to the Android Market for free, after 2 months beta test period with 40,000 users, and it was basically a big ball of Twitter awesomeness.

Collaboration focused between product lead Toby Padilla, lead developer Max Howell, developer Łukasz Wiśniowski and myself on UI design. We innovated in a stagnant market and produced a cutting-edge application to rapid uptake reaching 1,000,000 daily updates within a month or two.

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