File Manager 3

Interactive application prototype

File Manager 3 is intended to help you keep several folders open while working on your computer. In contrast to Tabs, File Manager 3 has a multi-pane layout that navigates several locations in one window.

File Manager 3 displays 30% more items than OS X Finder in one neat view. This has speed advantages mainly by reducing the clicks that are required to opening repeat locations and maintaining a managed overview.

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Software application prototype

The application reads .ics calendar files and draws a chronological list view. The event details panel uses a dictionary of emoji to depict words in event titles, and lets you rate your events with stars.  The event list can be filtered and sorted by durations and ratings and shows statistics. Beneath the list is a graph plotting event ratings against time.

The project is a way for me to keep track of how I am spending time with the intent to follow changes. During life changes it is helpful to construct a narrative and in this way hold a steady view and the software makes an easy way to follow the high points. I gave a video presentation, conducted user testing and collected feedback.

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Advertising service concept

Based on inspirations in Laurence Lessig’s book The Future Of Ideas, I launched an effort to make public messaging available to passers by from £4/wk, enlisting the skills of two friends in the process.

Stids was a trial investigating allowing people to place messages on street advertising boards in the area. One site installation was completed in Archway, Islington, North London with a the participation of several business customers.

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File Manager

Interactive application prototype

This was a solo project that I initiated  for the final stage of my degree. It builds on studies in Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Programming, Object-Oriented and Image Technology. My reference points for the analyitcal component of the design were John Saricussa 2003 and Van Nimwegen 1971.

I have presented the design twice. Once to my class and once to in London. Senior and ex-Apple interaction designer Matt Brown recognised the work with a compliment.

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